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Holistic Sleep Consultant

Hi! I'm Steph. I'm so glad you're here. I first knew I wanted to become a sleep consultant when my daughter was around 6 months old. For a long time, I'd been trying to block out the sleep training noise and find ways that I could help my daughter to sleep better, without leaving her to cry alone, for any length of time. 

As more and more of my friends started to sleep train their babies, I started researching what else I could do to start making some gentle nudges towards more independent sleep. Don't get me wrong, my daughter is now 2 and I still enjoy a contact nap, but I was so afraid that I was doing something wrong by never, ever, managing to get my daughter to sleep alone. 

I did a lot of reading - books, studies, research, articles, blogs and I did a whole lot of instagramming. Through doing this I managed to find a wonderful course that I felt really represented my parenting principles and gave me a well-rounded view of how to support parents to help them get better sleep. The Holistic Sleep Coaching Programme is evidence based, thorough and in depth and has amounted to around 60 hours of study, plus my own additional reading and research that I've completed.

My goal is to support you to feel more confident with your choices as a parent and to help you find strategies that you are comfortable with, to get you more sleep. I will provide you with the tools to make choices for your family that are responsive, attachment focused, and that will set you up with the best chance of getting some good rest.

Some things I promise:

  1. To never ask you to leave your baby to cry alone, for any length of time

  2. To take a holistic view of your sleep, taking your lifestyle, goals, and parenting preferences into consideration

  3. To never ask you to stop doing anything that you enjoy (unless it's a danger to yourself or someone else...)

  4. To stay in my lane! If something comes up that's not in my expertise, I'll point you in the direction of someone who can help.

  5. To never give you a generic schedule or to tell you how you should respond to your baby. 

  6. To understand that you are the expert on your baby.

  7. To help you, to the best of my ability, to feel confident in how you support your baby to get to sleep.

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