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An initial 15 minute call to see if you'd like to work together. This is an opportunity to ask any questions about the services and make sure that I'm the right fit for you. We can talk about your sleep goals and make sure the way I work aligns with the support you're looking for.




If online calls aren't your thing, for any reason, this might be the package for you. After completing a detailed intake form and sleep diary, you'll receive a full sleep plan with helpful suggestions, tips and resources based on your specific family's situation. This is done holistically, responsively, and takes yours and your child's needs into account.  This package is perfect for those short on time but wanting to make some significant changes.

Baby Sleeping


£175 (no follow up)

£250 (3 weeks follow up)
£325 (6 weeks follow up)

This is my most popular option, and is perfect if you're looking for a really in-depth analysis of your sleep situation, along with support, reassurance and guidance for steps on how to achieve your sleep goals. After completing a detailed intake form and sleep diary, we'll schedule a 90 minute consultation where we can do a deep dive into your little one's sleep to figure out what's happening and why. You'll the get a sleep plan with tools, techniques and strategies to change your current sleep situation. With up to 6 weeks of follow up support, including emails, WhatsApp messages or online calls, the ongoing support takes the stress out of sleep, so the whole family is feeling more rested.

Mother and a Child



For those with a specific sleep issue like early rising, tricky bedtimes, or split nights, or if you're looking for a bit of sleep education or reassurance, this is the package for you. You'll get a 45 minute call to talk through what's happening with your little one's sleep. You'll understand why sleep may have gone a bit wonky and we'll talk through strategies and ideas of how you can make it better.

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Contact us for next cohort dates

In collaboration with Emma from I See The Moon, we are hosting a 4 part series of Group Coaching sessions. We've worked together, pouring all of our expertise into curating this exciting series to give you the knowledge and empowerment to achieve your sleep goals.

This will include 4 live sessions, with education, Q&As, empowerment, alongside a take home workbook for you to set and work through your own goals at your pace.

Click here to read more or to book.

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