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Beyond Bedsharing - A gentle, responsive, guide to moving on from cosleeping

Beyond Bedsharing - A gentle, responsive, guide to moving on from cosleeping

Looking to transition away from bedsharing and into independent sleep for your little one? Our Beyond Bedsharing guide is the perfect resource for parents who are ready for a gentle, attachment-focused approach to moving on from cosleeping. This step-by-step guide follows the principles of gentle parenting, providing support and guidance without resorting to traditional sleep training or leaving your child to cry it out. With a focus on fostering a secure attachment and promoting healthy sleep habits, this gentle and responsive approach helps parents navigate the transition from bedsharing to independent sleep in a way that respects both the child's needs and the parent's desire for more restful nights. Whether you're ready to reclaim your bed or simply looking for a smoother bedtime routine, our Beyond Bedsharing guide can help you and your little one make the transition with love and understanding.

Attachment Focused Strategies

Find ways to support your little one through this transition while prioritising attachment. With lots of ideas to make this change that suit your family, lifestyle and parenting values.


Step-by-Step Support through Each Stage

Through preparation, transition and beyond, this guide will give you the knowledge, tools and confidence to make this change as soon as you’re ready!


A Holistic Approach to Sleep

Understand how sleep works, what influences sleep, and what you can change to optimise sleep for everyone in your home.

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